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  • Ruthies Award 2013 Winner!!!

    Jiu Jitsu Nation is the proud winner of the 2011, 2012, and now 2013 Ruthies award due to our outstanding care, service, and work ethic.

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  • Ruthies Award 2011-2012 Winner!!!

    Jiu Jitsu Nation was featured in the Daily News Journal for receiving the prestigious Ruthies Award for both of the years 2011 and 2012 as being the number one favorite Martial Arts school for people in multiple counties!

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  • World Class Instruction

    Coach Cliff has competed, and continues to compete at the highest levels against other world class competitors to keep his skills and abilities sharp. Some of his accomplishments include:

    • Pan American Gold Medalist
    • NAGA Gold Medalist
    • Various other Gold Medals

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  • Unrivaled Youth Training Program

    Our youth program is the BEST in the area. We are the ONLY school in the area that provides transportation for the kids in our program. Our training will instill:

    • Self Discipline
    • Confidence
    • Self Defense

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  • Bullyproof Training

    Our youth program focuses heavily on providing an atmosphere conducive to building confidence, and understanding how to deal with bullies. Our kids:

    • Compete to combat nervousness associated with the fear of losing
    • Compete to build confidence to stand up to bullies

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  • Rutherford County's #1 Martial Arts School!

    Jiu Jitsu Nation has been voted the #1 Martial Arts School in Rutherford County!. Our program will provide:

    • A Fun and structured environment
    • Rutherfords BEST Brazilian Jiu Jitsu youth program
    • Guaranteed positive and uplifting results

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  • Strong Team Atmosphere

    Our school is tied into a network of other Gracie Jiu Jitsu schools to stay current in the best training methods. We regularly gather for:

    • Association Seminars
    • Team Training
    • Cookouts, and other non-training related activities

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Our Academy

Our Academy was made with the "average" person in mind, so that anyone, and everyone, from all walks of life would be able to join our school with no previous training, and learn to enjoy themselves.

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Confidence Through Competition

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program will help you develop, and maintain self confidence. All successful people in life say that they got their through confidence, and it is one of the single most important tools to have.

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Family Oriented Environment

At Jiu Jitsu Nation every member is a part of a family. Our school does not harbor the "macho" attitude that polutes most schools, and makes things hard for hobbyists to progress. Every student is a respected member of a greater whole.

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Come Train With The Best!

Cliff Fonseca has over a decade of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and other Martial Arts. He is one of the leading practitioners of Grappling and Martial Arts in the Tennessee area, and has alot to offer Nashville BJJ community. Providing classes to both children and adults, Jiu Jitsu Nation is one of the leading Nashville BJJ programs in the area. Why is our childrens program the best? Well that's simple, because we are the ONLY academy that provides transportation for children in our program. If your looking to join one of the leading Nashville BJJ schools, then look no further than Jiu Jitsu Nation!

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What others are saying about Jiu Jitsu Nation

After being in the Martial Arts for over 15yrs, you see alot of things, both good and bad. I've seen instructors who cared about their students, and i've seen instructors who only cared about their students money. However, I have never seen an instructor like Cliff. Cliff loves his students so much he'd give them the shirt off of his back if necessary, and that is a quality seldom seen amongst alot of instructors. I'm honored to have Cliff as a friend and training partner, and skies the limit with Cliff as an instructor.
- Jeremy Akin...
Jiu Jitsu Nation hands down has the best Children's Martial Arts program that I've ever seen. The attention paid to detail is intruiging, and as a parent im happy to see someone so patient with children. I wouldnt take my kids anywhere else.
- Diane Landrum.....
After joining Cliff's school I lost 30lbs, and became a great competitor. Cliff is an awesome coach, and this place is the best!
- Terry White....

Training for Men & Women

Our adult program is designed for men and women of all ages and abilities; offering multiple adult classes, six days a week...

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Youth Training

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides a great way to channel kids' natural energy into something productive and rewarding...

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Our BJJ seminars are a great way to expose yourself to high-level talent and expertise that you'd otherwise have to travel to find.

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Why Choose Us?

    • We offer a RISK FREE 1 week trial to try out our program
    • You Will Build True Self Confidence
    • You Will Learn How To Properly Defend Yourself
    • You Will Get In Great Shape
    • You'll Be Able To Compete With A Worldclass Team

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