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We offer Law Enforcement, Fire, EMT, and Military discounts.


Conditioning: Keep Up With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu When You’re Away

Conditioning: Keep Up With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu When You’re Away

Are you informed about conditioning? Conditioning refers to the types of training and exercises that are done in conjunction with another sport. These are done in order to help strengthen and train parts of the body in a different way. Conditioning, when done properly, should lead to greater improvement in the sport(s) one has chosen for their main practice.   

What Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Exercises 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a mixed sport, meaning that it’s a combination of an anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Anaerobic means “without oxygen” while aerobic means “with oxygen.” Examples of anaerobic exercises include heavy weight training, sprinting, and jumping — a short-term physical exertion. Conversely, aerobic exercises focus on endurance. The sport of BJJ includes both of these elements. 

Conditioning for BJJ

While other sports can greatly benefit from conditioning, someone practicing BJJ will benefit most from a traditional class. If you have the option between BJJ and a conditioning workout, you should choose to attend the regular BJJ practice. That’s not to say that conditioning shouldn’t be done to keep up with the sport if you’re not able to attend a class, though. Below are a few exercises you can do when you find yourself away from a regularly scheduled BJJ class.

Conditioning Exercises Include: 

  • Jumping Jacks 
  • Push-ups 
  • Planks 
  • Back bridges with reaching arms
  • Knee Walks

Weight Lifting

Strength is an important part of BJJ and doing this anaerobic exercise will definitely help when it comes to the sport. Gaining muscle strength never hurts (figuratively). 


Since endurance is important for BJJ too, consider doing an aerobic exercise such as running or biking. 


Yoga is a workout that’s beneficial to the mind and body. It’s something that helps people with the sports they practice more often. It would be great for most anyone practicing BJJ if they aren’t able to make their regularly scheduled class. 

Life happens and sometimes you’re not able to attend a weekly scheduled class. Maybe you’ve decided to take a vacation and therefore won’t have access to the BJJ classes you usually take. Don’t let these occurrences keep you from reaching your full potential in the sport of BJJ. Backtracking doesn’t have to happen because you’ve missed a class or two, as conditioning exercises can help keep you in shape. 

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