We offer Law Enforcement, Fire, EMT, and Military discounts.

We offer Law Enforcement, Fire, EMT, and Military discounts.


Why Women Should Train Jiu Jitsu

blog image of a woman training in jiu jitsu; blog title: Why Women Should Train Jiu Jitsu

Training in martial arts will make a woman feel powerful. It’s a sport centered on control, repetition of technique, and practice of technique under increasingly difficult circumstances. Jiu Jitsu is particularly beneficial to women because…

… you’ll refocus your appreciation for your body. Bodies aren’t built simply for maintaining a specific size. They were built for function. Sometimes we need a break from celebrating what our bodies look like and instead celebrate what they can do. Jiu Jitsu will push your physique into a healthy, strong shape. But first, it will show you that you can be quick. You can be flexible. You can master a series of intentional movements. You can outwit an opponent. You can push through discomfort. 

… you don’t need a specific body type to be competitive. It’s not uncommon in Jiu Jitsu for a small-framed woman to tap out someone twice her size. Jiu Jitsu doesn’t require a history as a bodybuilder, nor does it require the sprint speed of a track star. Technique can beat strength. Success in the sport is simply accessible to all.

… it’s an intense calorie burn. An hour in a Jiu Jitsu studio can burn anywhere from 350 to 750 calories. The total will depend on whether you’re spending more time stretching and practicing technique or sparring. It’s a combination of both anaerobic and aerobic activity, meaning you’re incorporating both low-intensity work with spurts of high-intensity. Your ultimate goal is endurance, as in order to be competitive you need to fight back-to-back matches. Second-degree black belt Tim Bruce suggests that light intensity can burn about 3.25 calories per pound of body weight per hour, and high intensity can burn about 4.87 calories per pound of body weight per hour.

… you’ll be capable of a quick, powerful reaction in a moment of self-defense. Jiu Jitsu techniques make it possible for even a small framed woman to control a larger framed man–not just because you’ve practiced the moves but because you’ve practiced the moves under supervised, leveled intensity. Sparring is built into the lessons. Jiu Jitsu also teaches you to intentionally train your mind to focus and not panic when in a moment of struggle. You are, in fact, capable of being calculating and purposeful when you need to defend yourself.

…you’ll love the toning you get in your abs and upper arms. Punching and chopping won’t be propelled so much by the arms as your core, and your core will also benefit from continuously stabilizing you as you spar and work through techniques. You’ll also be perfecting your kicks, which is good for the hamstrings and glutes.

If you want to try Jiu Jitsu out and see what it can do for you, please give our studio a try. Jiu Jitsu Nation is welcoming to all ages and genders. Contact us today to claim a free week of training!

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